The Foundation has established itself as an invaluable resource in the effort to ensure that
our students continue to receive the very best programs and services.
— Mr. Robert C. Fenter, Superintendent of Schools

Our Grants

The Foundation awards grants for projects that meet the following criteria:

  • Strengthen the curriculum by serving as a catalyst for the development and promotion of innovative programs.

  • Support additional training for faculty members and enhance the educational resources available to them.

  • Provide financial assistance for special school facilities and equipment.

  • Increase community awareness and support for the district.

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Funding Request Process:

Grants provided by The Foundation go through a “Funding Request Process” that has been established by The Foundation’s Advisory Board. The goal of the process is to identify opportunities and vet both their need and impact. All proposed initiatives must align with the District's goals and strategic plans in order to be considered. With this in mind, The Foundation has developed a 5-point Funding Request Review Process:

What is a typical Foundation grant?

There is no "typical" Foundation grant. All grants to date have had an impact on increasing student engagement and teaching innovation. The common thread thus far, has been the funding and expansion of technology use at the classroom level in support of the District's goal of personalized learning.

Does the Foundation Fund provide the same grants each year?

The Foundation cannot commit to multi-year funding of grants at this time due to the relatively young age of our organization. The programs and initiatives we can fund are done as one-time gifts to the School District via the Board of Education.