My son’s enthusiasm for math has skyrocketed since he started using eSpark. I’m so grateful my children have access to these personalized learning opportunities.
— Janna De Risi, Lloyd Harbor School & Cold Spring Harbor Junior High School Parent


  • Awarded $20,800 to the Robotics Team to help purchase new equipment that is necessary for the success of their robot.

  • Awarded $350,000 for the 1:1 Chromebook Initiative at the Junior/Senior High School.  Grade level sets are now available in kindergarten to third grade and class sets are available in grades four through six.  

  • Awarded $185,000 towards iPad devices to bolster initiatives with eSpark, Raz Kids and Achieve3000. These interactive teaching tools are used to differentiate instruction and engage students in literacy, math and other content areas.  These district-wide programs allow for individualized instruction and offer real-time feedback for teachers to monitor progress and adjust accordingly.

  • Awarded $130,000 towards the Creative Learning Labs at West Side and Lloyd Harbor Schools to support the district’s efforts to augment student-centred learning and inquiry-based instruction.

  • Awarded $112,000 to the Junior and Senior High School to redesign common work space areas that provide students with the opportunity to work in small and large groups collaboratively.

  • Awarded $24,000 toward the creation of the Coral Reef and Aquaculture Program at the Cold Spring Harbor High School.

  • Awarded $15,000 to the In-House Science Research Laboratory at Cold Spring Harbor High School to further support students with the opportunity to conduct high-level scientific research leading to internships, competitions, and scholarships.

  • Collaborated with the elementary schools to enhance the robotics and coding experience, helping to spark young students’ creativity, develop math skills, and stimulate their minds.