The Power of Partnership



The difference between an average school system and an extraordinary one is often resources. Shifts in public school funding and tax caps mean that tax dollars are no longer sufficient. This makes the need to raise private-sector funds to support our district and maintain our competitive ranking real and immediate.

The Cold Spring Harbor Educational Foundation's purpose is to provide funding for cutting-edge tools that impact your student's ability to succeed. 

Your partnership with the Foundation gives you the power to provide an optimal learning environment and access to an enhanced level of education for your children.

The Cold Spring Harbor Educational Foundation has been a most valuable source of support for a number of educational initiatives of our school district. Through their generous financial assistance, over the past several years, students have been provided with Chromebooks in grades 7-12, engaged in virtual reality learning experiences, and utilized creative learning spaces, among a number of other innovative educational opportunities. We continue to be very grateful for the outstanding support provided to our school district by the Foundation, all for the benefit of the educational program we offer to our students.
— Mr. Robert C. Fenter, Superintendent of Schools